About Us

Incorporated November 28, 2011 as a nonprofit under the provision of the NC Non-Profit Corporation Act.

Companies operating Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and holding a Certificate of Need for the facilities have joined together to form Rubicon Management Inc. (RMI), an Administrative Services Organization (ASO), Provider Service Organization (PSO), and specialty network for the purpose of managing utilization of ICF/IID services, and payment for those services, through contracts between the member companies and Local Management Entities (MCO) operating 1915(b)(c) waivers in the State of North Carolina.

Business Mission

Our mission, in our role as an Administrative Services Organization, is to serve as a fiscal and clinical intermediary between ICF/IID Providers and Managed Care Organizations who operate 1915 (b) / (c) Medicaid Waivers in North Carolina. Through subcontracts with these Managed Care Organizations and contracts with ICF/IID Providers, we help to ensure the success of community-based ICF/IID Providers by promoting and facilitating the appropriate utilization of fiscal and clinical resources.